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Anonymous asked:

Sorry to bother you just was confused, I downloaded your adorable poses and they didn't show up, are they not pose list compatible?

hey, thanks for downloading and unfortunately they aren’t pose list compatible you have to manually put in the codes, sorry! ;;’x

So unfortunately i have been seriously ill for over a year now which is why I haven’t been doing much or any tumblring but i am starting to feel somewhat better now so I should be around a bit more yay! I thought i would post some of my new drawings since ive been feeling better just to ease back in to it hehe! ;;’x

Looking for one on one rper partner

So basically i love doing one on one rp’s. Now i have a pretty wide interest in things from WWE to Glee and everything inbetween, I am looking for anyone who would like to rp with me, it can be any characters as long as i know of them hehe or even original ones if you like, or can mix characters from diff shows whatever you want or fancy. They can be very detailed rp’s im very opened minded so you know let me know as i’ll give almost anything a try at least once lol. We can discuss a rough or detailed storyline/arch or just wing it again  it can be up to you. I prefer to do them through either fb messenger or whats app as its just easier but you know again open to other options lol. So if anyone would like to maybe give it a go just it me up and we can talk out some ideas or you know whatever you want. Hope to hear from you soon ;;’x


No really, I just want someone to help me find the video where Triple H is in the parking lot during raw (or smackdown, but I’m pretty sure raw), and he bumps into a blonde haired Stephanie.

The thing that gets me is I’m pretty sure he’s wearing the same shirt he wore during the 15th Anniversary episode (hence why I’m rewatching that, but I’m sure it wasn’t then).

So. Can anyone help?

It’s the episode of Raw when Eric Bischoff gets fired. Hope that helps ya! ;;’x

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