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No really, I just want someone to help me find the video where Triple H is in the parking lot during raw (or smackdown, but I’m pretty sure raw), and he bumps into a blonde haired Stephanie.

The thing that gets me is I’m pretty sure he’s wearing the same shirt he wore during the 15th Anniversary episode (hence why I’m rewatching that, but I’m sure it wasn’t then).

So. Can anyone help?

It’s the episode of Raw when Eric Bischoff gets fired. Hope that helps ya! ;;’x

                          Second Chances, Strippers & Stars

The dream of a second chance, the dream that life crushed and the dream to shine brightest. Everyone has dreams and this is the story of three dreams that come together. Some will be achieved, some will change completely & some will fade away but at least they’ll be together?

             Chapter 10 : Controlling Panic, Trauma & Comfort

I thought I would post up the link (above) to Chapter 10 of my Shelby & Rachel fanfic, my first ever Glee one at that. I have had such an amazing response to it that I thought I would post it here as well encase anyone here wanted to give it a read.

I hope if you do that you enjoy it and maybe leave a review and let me know what you think and if not I just hope you enjoy it and thank you for reading! 

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